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The Neolithic famers were more permanently settled than their Mesolithic predecessors.

They started to use stone building materials for their settlements and monuments.

These early farmers are thought to have used wooden shelters and no evidence remains of their settlements.

Later Neolithic farmers were more proficient in agriculture and started deliberately clearing large areas of forest for agricultural use.

Some of the stone rows and stone circles are also thought to date from the late Neolithic although most are from the early Bronze Age.

It cannot be proved that these fires were caused by these early farmers but it would seem most likely.It is thought that the earliest Mesolithic farmers used slash and burn to create temporary clearings for hunting deer and for raising crops.These areas would rapidly become infertile and would be abandoned to re-grow.The evidence of human activity on Dartmoor during the Mesolithic is from flint scatters around the moors, including finds on Runnage and Ringhill near Postbridge.Mesolithic tools are very distinctive consisting of much smaller flint tools than found during the Palaeolithic.

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There are many great guides to walking on Dartmoor, many include descriptions of these sites, but it is difficult to find guides specifically for those wanting to visit these sites.

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